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Paul Trouton

Paul Trouton

Paul is the founding director of MCS Ltd, a company that he founded while at Queens university studying for his Computer Science Degree in the early 90's .One of the first providers of CAD computers in Ireland he has developed a reputation for translating highly technical issues into plain English and understanding the real needs of ICT in business. Technically minded with a passion for all things computer Paul also runs websites dedicated to retro computing and preservation.

His 20+ years of experience covers the design and building of graphical workstations, servers and wide area network infrastructure for a wide range of applications, in almost every sector. He also has considerable experience in internet technology, firewall and internet security, storage solutions, virtualisation and cloud technologies, remote working, diagnostics, data forensics and advanced webserver SEO.

Paul’s mix of entrepreneurship, enthusiasm and technical experience have been the foundations of many long term client relationships. His love of computing and quest for knowledge keeps MCS at the front of emerging technologies.

You can find out more about Paul on his Linkedin page and also follow him on Twitter.