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Sage Financial Forecasting

As the business world moves faster and with increasing complexity, it becomes harder to see what those business decisions might mean. Sage 50 Forecasting cuts through the muddle and gives you a clear picture of what lies ahead financially. It sets out the figures so you can budget today and plan for the future. And it does this not within hours, but within minutes.

‘What if?’

This is one of the key features of Sage 50 Forecasting. It lets you look ahead and consider the impact of various business decisions before making any commitment. Just feed in the data and the software will calculate the effect on various key variables. For example, what would be the effect on your business if you increased your advertising spend, expanded into new markets, or recruited more people?

Plan effectively

It provides accurate and detailed financial forecasts quickly and easily, so you can see where your business is heading for up to 50 years in advance. You can identify problems and avoid them, or identify opportunities and capitalise on them. Having this accurate financial information at hand, allows you to make informed decisions and budget accordingly, surprisingly quickly.

Presenting a professional and convincing case to a bank manager or potential investor is essential if you want to secure funding. You need to persuade them that your business is robust enough to handle the consequences of taking out a loan. In other words, you need to demonstrate that you’ve done your homework.

Sage Financial Forecasting is suitable for

— Accounting

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