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Sage HR

This is an easy to use and cost-effective package, which links to other applications such as Microsoft Office and Sage Payroll.  The Sage HR service is provided by a team of HR and legal professionals, and provides help and support for all employment issues.

To help manage your staff costs, and to comply with issues such as the working time directive and fire safety regulations, our sophisticated solutions will help you record and track employee time, and provide detailed analytical reporting on attendance, lateness, and hours worked (including flexitime and shift work). 

Clocking in and out can be performed via proximity (card or key-fob) or biometric (finger-scanning) terminals (or even from an employee’s PC) and hours recorded can be passed to payroll software such as Sage, for automatic calculation of wages. Time can be recorded against specific jobs if required for analysis.

Sage HR is suitable for

— People

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