MCS Micro Computer Solutions

  • Sage 50

    The most widely used small business accounting package in the UK. Packed with features to help save you time managing your accounts and keep your cash flow healthy.

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  • Sage 200

    Powerful accounts, trading and CRM software suite with unrivalled usability and easy customisation to exactly suit your business processes.

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  • Sage ACT!

    For smaller businesses, Sage ACT! makes it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with customers by giving you an organised view of the people you do business with.

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  • Sage CRM

    If you are a larger organisation, for example with separate marketing, sales, accounts, operations and administration departments, it is even more important that the information is shared across and between these units.

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  • Sage Instant Accounts

    A simple bookkeeping package that's ideal for small businesses that want straightforward, easy to use, software that lets then get on with their day to day operations.

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  • Sage Payroll

    Whether you operate a weekly, monthly, fortnightly or four-week payroll, you want to be sure that you are paying both your staff and HMRC correctly and on time.

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  • Sage Manufacturing

    The ideal solution for small and growing manufacturers.

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  • Sage Job Costing

    Designed to help you analyse and control the costs of your jobs and services, Sage Job Costing provides true business control by helping you understand the precise cost breakdown of a job.

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  • Sage HR

    Human Resources Record keeping, tracking attendance, disciplinary, absence, training, and other aspects of employment are all handled by Sage HR software.

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  • Sage Financial Forecasting

    A powerful management tool that helps you run and grow your business with confidence.

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