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Sage 50 Job Costing

Sage 50 Job Costing provides true business control by helping you analyse and control the precise cost breakdown of a job.

It can be applied to almost any size of business, in all sectors. Flexibility is a crucial feature of Sage 50 Job Costing, in recognition of the fact that every business has different requirements for cost control and analysis.

You can choose how costs and revenues are broken down, in as much detail as you want, making it easier to measure and control all your projects. In addition, Sage 50 Job Costing provides flexible billing features to help you to calculate how much you can bill each customer, and it links to Sage 50 Accounts Plus, Sage 50 Accounts Professional* and Sage 50 Payroll to ensure consistency and accuracy across your business.

Need a little bit extra?

Sage 50 Job Costing Professional offers additional features, such as purchase order processing and batch timesheet entry, that are ideal for companies with more complex or specialised requirements.

* Please note: Sage Job Costing only links to Sage Line 50 Accounts Plus and Sage Line 50 Accounts Professional v9.0 or above.


Sage 200 Project Accounting

A highly configurable costing and analysis module, the Sage 200 Project Accounting module can be adjusted to suit the needs of businesses requiring simple or detailed costing and analysis structures.

It provides you with in-depth analysis and reporting features to make sure your projects remain on target and profit levels are maintained.

The Project Accounting module can be used by any business that provides a service, such as consulting, financial services, market research and software development, or that needs to improve project profits and performance and wants visibility into the actual time and expenses of a project as it progresses.


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